Scope of services that I would like to offer

IT management service

Help small and medium-sized enterprises/organization to organize IT administration, services vendor and facilities procurement.
Be a co-coordinator between IT services/products vendor. Speed up and ensure that IT projects go smoothly.
Assist on internal staff training on new technologies being applied, or handling old technologies to new technologies transition.
Hardware, software upgrading/replacing project, especially on upgrading existing equipment, necessary flexibility/possibility study may required to be performed.

Content Management System (CMS) based web project

Transform traditional web site to Responsive Web Site Framework. Content updates could be simplified and become processed instantly.
Combine with valued cloud hosting or cloud virtualization resources. Maintain the modern web site inexpensively.
Host one web site and arrange specific regions to have faster access speed on image/video content. Archive that goal by CDN deployment and configuration.
Relocate the server room cost to vendors. Web Server machine never appears in office anymore while suitable cloud services has been selected. Reduce IT management cost and allocate more budget on core business activities.

Online marketing and promotion

Social networking, official Fan Pages management.
Live promotion, make use of different platform to hold live shows for product promotion, such as, Facebook Live, Up.Live, etc.
Promotion video production for Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Promotion event. Connecting with event in real world, extending the customer or target audience interaction possibility.

Consultation on custom made SME system or mobile apps

Customize computing system for specific workflow on your business.
Workflow could be processed at any time by mobile app adoption. Keep tasks moving.
Got important reports instantly. Business monitoring improvement.
Reduce time resource and human resource on complex workflow situation.